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Laser Cleaning Solutions for the Nuclear Industry

One of the biggest challenges when working in the nuclear industry, is getting rid of nuclear waste. Nuclear waste is very dangerous and expensive. It's obvious that reducing nuclear waste can reduce the costs radically, and laser cleaning can be the solution in this case.  When a nuclear system has to be disassembled, radioactivity can be found everywhere: in the walls, the steel structures, devices, etc. Laser cleaning can reduce the radioactivity in for example steel structers to up to 70%, because almost all of the radioactivity is located in the top layer of the structure. Same story goes for concrete walls or lead beams, laser cleaning reduces the radioactive values drastically. Another huge advantage is the lack of waste that is introduced during the cleaning operation. Traditional methods create a lot of 'cleaning waste', while laser cleaning only creates a radioactive dust, that can be captured and isolated very easily.