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Power grid line laser cleaning - Electric Power Grid line laser cleaning Machine

Transmission Line Laser cleaning Device - Laser Litter Removal Device from electric power lines

What Is A Remote Laser Litter Removal Device?

Laser remote removal of foreign matter equipment is a new generation of high-tech products for surface cleaning or treatment.  It is easy to install, operate and automate. With simple operation, after powering the supply and turning on the equipment, cleaning can be carried out without chemical reagent, medium and water from the ground.  Kites, plastic bags, balloons, advertising banners and other debris attached to the wires, Birds nest, bees nests, branches that are about to break at high altitudes, these are all dangerous objects at high altitude.  These conditions are inconvenient and unsafe to handle manually.

Our newly developed product, the Long Distance Laser Littler Removal Device, can handle this problem easily from the ground level.  It can work effectively over a distance of 250 meters (optional more).

Working principle:

The principle of Laser Littler Removal Device is to use laser remote focusing technology and remotely irradiate the gravity support part of the foreign object by precisely controlling the high-energy laser beam, winding the wire part or the adhesion part, so that the foreign object is absorbed by the irradiated part, causing the local temperature to rise sharply and then melt, burn or gasificate, so that it releases and falls down and achieve the removal of the foreign object.

Application fileds:

  • High-speed rail: for transmission lines litter removal
  • Power grid: for transmission lines obstacle removal
  • Sky scraper buildings: litter and birds nest removal
  • Electrical Power plants
  • electrical transfert Stations
  • Electrical windmill nest removal
  • Birds nest Removal at heigth

Electric Powerline cleaning

Electric Power grid object removal system

With rapid development of the global economy, electricity has become an indispensable energy resource. High-voltage power lines transmit steady streams of electrical energy to every corner of the world. The safe maintenance of these high-voltage power lines has become a top priority. Kites, cloth strips, balloons, and plastic bags often become entangled with the power lines, and if this is not handled in a timely manner, it is likely to cause trip events, resulting in a power outages. The removal of foreign objects caught on power lines has always presented a challenge in the maintenance of electric power grids.  Standard methods of foreign object removal for power lines include manual removal by ascending the towers, unmanned aerial vehicles, and manual removal with insulated aerial platforms. Such methods have following disadvantages: long working hours, high costs of human and material resources, low efficiency, and significant safety risks.
The Lasermach  Power grid foreign object cleaning instrument  overcomes the shortcomings of standard removal methods and solves the challenges of power grid maintenance and safety. The product emits an infrared laser from the ground at a specific power and a wavelength of 1064 or 532nm. When the facilities is powered on, foreign objects entangled on high-voltage lines are loosened and fall off, thereby allowing fast and safe removal. The removal process does not require the power lines to be switched off, and there is no need to manually climb up the towers. It can be safely applied in windy, rainy and nighttime conditions to remove kites, cloth strips, balloons, plastic bags, tree branches and other non-metallic foreign objects. 

Power Line Insulator and Windmill Aerial Cleaning

Overhead transmission line insulator cleaning